Creating home decor for men and women who struggle with time and energy to make items themselves.

As I mentioned in my bio, I have been crafting seems like all my life. I love to make things with my hands, whether it be woodworking, painting, wreaths, quilts, wherever my mind takes me. My mom who has always been my biggest supporter passed away in 2018 after her health made it necessary to move in with me. She had an "apartment" as she called it in the basement and we loved visiting each night when I would get home from work and/or art class. I would always share with her my creations as well as she would share hers. Most usually she wanted whatever I created, and visa versa! Before she passed, her wish was for me to turn her "apartment" into my craft shop and expand my business from a table in my kitchen or garage to her family room downstairs with room for classes and workshops. So each night when I get home from work, I go downstairs to my now craft shop and create things that I know she would love. I usually do those on a Facebook live so my followers can keep me company. They always show me the love and support like my Mom would. I remember my first Facebook live like it was yesterday. I was in my dimly lit garage, using the webcam on my laptop and I had roughly 5 viewers and you guessed it, one of them was my Mom watching from downstairs! Each wreath, centerpiece, painting or home decor item I make, I always look at the finished piece and smile knowing my Mom would love it and would want me to make her one in heaven.

I love you Mom! You are and always will be my Inspiration!

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